Understanding Tells in Texas Holdem

Some great players have an uncanny ability to read tells. Since you and I don’t have that gift, we need a system, which is exactly what Mike Caro provides in The Body Language of Poker. Instead of telling war stories, he explains how various tells signal a player’s motives and thoughts. Buy and study it. It will pay for itself in no time.

He identifies the actions that suggest that someone is bluffing, has a big hand, etc. However, some tells are just strong cues you need to use along with additional factors to make your final decision. You must go beyond generalities and treat players as individuals. What does it mean when this player bets forcefully or looks you right in the eye?

This point is particularly true for people who have read Caro’s website, which includes most highly skilled players. Because they know what you are looking for, they may deliberately send you false signals.

Study his website, but go beyond his general principles and record every specific tell you see because they are nearly 100 percent reliable. For example, some players always bluff by throwing their chips forcefully, while others always bluff by betting neatly and gently. If you spot a specific tell and do not record it, you may forget it or fail to look for it. So make a note each time you notice a tell.

Poker authors rarely discuss this subject, probably because the people in their games don’t often telegraph their intentions, but it happens frequently in middle and lower limit games (and occasionally in big games). A telegraph is any signal of what people are going to do. Some telegraphs are subtle, just a tension or relaxation that you may miss without concentrating, but some are extremely obvious, literally unmistakable.

For example, many people hold their cards or put them on the table in a way that indicates they will fold if you bet or raise. These telegraphs are particularly common and noticeable before the flop and on third street in stud because people don’t care about the hand. They indirectly invite you to bluff or steal their blinds or antes, and it would be rude to reject such a generous offer.

Telegraphs can also improve your effective position. You may have three people behind you, but see that two of them are going to fold. Your effective position is now further along, allowing you to bet with a hand you had intended to check, to raise when you had intended to call.

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Picking the Best Casinos for Mobile Phones in 2017

Avid casino enthusiasts among you will know that a lot of online gambling operators are now supporting that many games for mobile phones. The mobile phone section of most casino websites is new, but I think a lot of players will be surprised at the range of mobile games, promos and dedication given to this market.

The growth of the mobile gaming market has been greatest over the last few years. The launch of immensely successful smart phones with advanced processor technology and graphics displays have made them complement the growing casino industry. The availability of “apps” on the Internet which can be downloaded to your mobile within seconds is another great advantage. With one-click download from the Apple App Store you can now download dozens of the best mobile casino games within seconds.

All of the best mobile casinos offer unique mobile casino promos, games and loyalty rewards to players. First time deposit bonuses such as Bet365 Mobile’s 150% up to £150 bonus or Jackpot City Mobile’s 100% up to £200 bonus are massive incentives for new players. The problem with most regular online casino players and junkies is that they are so hooked into the idea of sitting at your computer whilst playing games.

Most internet casinos offers an abundance of games – far more than a mobile operator or client could offer, which is another set back for getting players to download the mobile client.

All Slots Mobile Casino for example is one of the biggest casinos in the world. Their outstanding Microgaming powered casino boasts more than 400 games in total (including 300+ classic 3-reel and 5-line video slots games with jackpots worth in excess of £1 million).

In comparison to Internet casinos, mobile casinos really fall short in game offerings. Most mobile casinos such as 32Red Mobile and mFortune (one of the upcoming UK mobile casinos) only offer barely a dozen games. While this still incorporates entertaining slots games such as Tomb Raider and Megah Moolah (the biggest progressive slots jackpot in the world), the lack of games still probably puts off a lot of people.

After all, how long can you go exactly playing only the basic casino table games such as Roulette, Pot Limit Omaha, Blackjack, video slots and jacks or better before you get bored?

What a lot of people are missing though is that newer casino games are constantly being developed for 5th generation phones such as the iPhone and Android. Playtech’s mobile division has already announced plans to expand into the Italian mobile gaming market.

The growing number of mobile operators (and competition) plus the expansion and development of better mobile technology will undoubtedly keep the new market of gaming booming.

Las Vegas gaming commission and committees in Congress have in fact already passed bills allowing hotels to provide mobile gambling apps to their patrons in the hotel bedrooms and around the hotel venues. Whether you like it or not, this is the direction that we’re heading into.