5 Ways to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rate

In online stores or e-commerce sites, conversion rate is a crucial part to measure how successful the online shop is. But what is conversion rate in the first place? It is defined as the percentage of visitors that check your website and finishing an anticipated action. It is also important to set a goal so you can define your desired conversion rate, aligning with your business goals.

In e-commerce sites, conversion rate is the measurement of your website visitors who bought something from your online shopping store. If you’re experiencing a low conversion rate at the start or if the competition is too high, you need to revamp your strategies in attracting customers and convert them into sales

Here’s how you can increase your conversion rate for your e-commerce site:

High quality product images

E-commerce sites are not all about descriptions and text. What is the first thing that people notice on e-commerce sites? It’s the images that they first check out. After all, e-commerce sites sell various products and it’s essential that people see the actual product before they decide to buy it. People want to see what they’re getting for their money. Having high quality product images is the grandfather of increasing the e-commerce conversion rates. The more photos you upload and more angles you have, people will definitely stay and has higher chances of converting them to your clients. Ensure that these photos are zoomable too.

Comprehensive product copy

It’s not a good idea of skipping the product description. What is the role of product copy? It provides enough information to the buyers. It is a great way to convince themselves that this certain product is good for them and they need it. Make the product copy clear so it can persuade more potential buyers.

A product copy should have full and complete information. Don’t exaggerate, tell the truth. It should offer two versions: concise and long. The concise shorter version gets the buyer’s attention and the longer version offers more information, answering all possible buyers’ questions. Ensure that the product copy covers the following: who’s the product for, what are the benefits, and why is it good.

Produce product videos

Aside from images, videos are helpful too in increasing your conversion rates for your e-commerce site. Product videos are not expensive to produce. For the content, you can use a generated one, coming from your product copy. This is a great way to tap potential consumer base that are into videos.

You can also get content from past clients asking them to provide testimonial videos or how-to of the products they purchased from your e-commerce site. Another example is shooting your own videos, with the help of your team, showcasing the various products you have. You can use a reliable smartphone and a good video editor when producing your product videos.

Provide easy access to customer service

One of the things that people afraid of online shopping is the absence of customer service compared to physical store. In e-commerce site, it’s important as well to have a customer service. You can do this by replicating customer service experience you have seen in any physical store.

Provide simple but accessible options to reach your customer service representative:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Live chat
  • Social media accounts

You should offer as many options as possible so the customers can select that suits his/her lifestyle. Moreover, indicate if you’re provide 24/7 customer service or just for a certain time in a day.

Offer free shipping or discounts for certain amount of purchases

When customer’s see how much the shipping fee on their check out, they might lose interesting in buying the products they want especially if the fee is a little higher than expected. However, if you provide a reduced shipping fee, you’ll experience an increase in your conversion rate.

Moreover, you can eliminate shipping fee if the customer makes a purchase with certain amount. Another tactic to get more conversion rate if you waived shipping fee for a special event or in a specific time period.